About Us

PT. Mina Indo Japan Resources is a trading company based in Bandung, Indonesia with a representative office in Tokyo.

We specialize in trading commodities such as coconut products, charcoal, spices, coffee beans, sweet potatoes, and canned food. In addition, we have a coconut charcoal production plant in Indonesia and export to various countries such as Japan, Australia, Iraq, and Turkey.

As a company committed to quality, we prioritize transparency and good cooperation with our customers. With our experience and knowledge, we are ready to provide the best service to meet your business needs.

Our vision is to become a leading trading and production company in Indonesia with a well-known brand, and our mission is to support various MSMEs and companies in Indonesia to develop their products abroad. We are also committed to building a strong and high-quality brand for products that have high competitiveness in the international market, while maintaining effective and efficient production with high-quality standards. Lastly, we strive to be a company that values interpersonal, social, and environmental relationships.

Logo Meanings

  • Shapes of “M”
    represent 1st letter of MINA , also represent one of our corporate
    values : Meaningful.
  • Shapes of “I”
    2nd letter of MINA, and also one of our corporate values : Integrity
  • Shapes of “N”
    3rd letter of MINA, with a graphical shape, describes business conditions that may experience ups and downs, but there are times when it will yield good results. Represent the company values: Nurturing.
  • Shapes of “A”
    4th letter of MINA with a triangle shape pointing upwards, which
    means moving forward and moving up the ladder of life. Represent
    the value : Advancement,
  • The Colors
    The green color represents sustainable growth, red represents passion and strength, blue represents professionalism and trust, and yellow represents optimism, hope, and happiness. The various colors represent meanings originating from various backgrounds in Indonesia and for various destination countries.

Company’s Corporate Values

  • Meaningful ( ⽣ き 甲 斐 : Ikigai) : The purpose of the company is to provide meaning to life for the managers, workers, and all other parties involved. We aim to not only exist, but to have a positive impact in the world.
  • Integrity (誠実 : Seijitsu) : The company operates with honesty and trustworthiness in all aspects of our business.
  • Nurturing ( 育 成 : Ikusei) : The company is dedicated to providing
    economic benefits to our workers and having a positive social
    impact, while also promoting the personal growth of each
  • Advancement (改善 : Kaizen) : The company strives for continuous
    improvement in all areas, always moving forward and making
    progress, step by step.

About Founder